2 Stroke Street Legal Motorcycles for Sale

The sale includes all spare parts and manuals that I received at the time of purchase, please see the photos of these items. The GP rulebook preferred both-strokes and even though Honda wanted to race, which they sold, the NS500 and NSR500 V-4 kept Honda in the championship until the formula was upgraded to one-liter to four-stroke. The simple CR500 was on the other side of the showroom and had more power, but only on land. Auctions are active during this unreserved auction – take a look –! 2013 Kawasaki KX 112 Supermini Bike was launched at the end of 2013 as the KX100. When we refreshed the engine, we had the full supermini mods ready. The bike has a 2 mil race, so it`s now a real 112cc supermini. Configuration for mixed operation with 32:1 FMF Racing Accelerator PiperSuspension Configuration for 115lb driverWidth WheelRad RacePro Circuit Upper ClampCV4 Wheel hoses The bike has a lot of extras, a larger wheel, lots of billet parts, up-to-date graphics, fresh clutch. The engine has 6 strokes on it, my sons don`t like to drive super fast. I just finished 4th in the FL/GA series on this bike. I just installed a new MX32 in the back, fresh brake pads. The oil changed every two laps, the bike is ready to tear. He wants to focus on the school class, so we offer him a new 250 sxf.

See photos, the bike is clean and ready to ride. The engine alone has 3K in it All questions let us know The Holy Grail of Honda motorcycles. If you don`t know what you`re seeing, this is a two-stroke road bike designed for the road. This bike is the fastest road Honda two-stroke has ever produced. In addition, this bike has many firsts for Honda, including a very powerful water-cooled two-stroke W-3 400cc engine and also the first lightweight aluminum gearbox section frame. Today, RSBFS reader John M. brings us a fantastic piece of racing history. The Aprilia RS250 Challenge offered a true series of branded races that celebrated the last of the two shots. And for the occasion, Aprilia missed a series of cup bikes that didn`t include boring D.O.T. goodies like 17-digit VIN numbers, lighting, etc.

These were bicycles that were only intended for rail use. And this special race. and won. The winner of the 1999 American championship series – on this bike – was John Hopkins. If you`re new to racing, you may recognize John Hopkins` connection to American Racing`s entry into the Moto2 World Championship (supporting American riders like Joe Roberts and Cameron Beaubier as coaches). If you have a little more history with racing, you will know it as a WSBK Superbike participant, British Superbike participant, AMA Superbike rider and real MotoGP rider who experienced both the two-stroke 500cc era and the transition to four-stroke on the 990cc and 800cc machines. Today`s list is the RS250 that John drove to the Aprilia Cup Championship in 1999. This bike was also a winner with Aaron Clark helping at the 2000 Daytona Race of Champions. And if that doesn`t matter enough historically, the bike was built, used and maintained by the legendary Crew of Team Hammer – and eventually sold. The Yamaha RZ350 was the last of the two-stroke engines imported by the state into the EPA-rich state of California. With accurate oil injection, Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) to maximize efficiency and air injection and catalytic converters in the exhaust stream, it was the cleanest factory smokehouse in the world in 1984. Unfortunately, this was not enough for California, and the bike only lasted a year in this market.

However, the RZ350 went through emissions in other states before Yamaha retired the two-stroke plug in America a year later. Today`s example is a beautifully renovated bike in California that shows a few miles and a lot of care. I let the seller pick it up from here. The history of Honda`s two-stroke GP championships is almost as complicated as the history of their two-stroke road bikes. This example seems to have been spared too much antics from the previous owner, with just over 7,000 miles and a very good appearance. This sale is for a KAWASAKI KE100 MINI DIRT BIKE 2 TAKT 2300 miles original ENDURO from 1976. It has new tires, I bought it from the original owner and it is currently not in working order. It needs a capacitor that is under the clutch, as I was told. The bike has great compression.

Bike very, very clean, but it will take work to restart, I am sure that carbohydrates will also need sitting work as well as the gas tank, currently no gas in it. I WILL NOT SHIP THIS ITEM!!! PICKUP ONLY!!!! Please send your questions by e-mail. I accept PayPal. Payment must be made within 7 days of the end of the auction.