In Chic Tours our main goal is to offer unique tailor-made experiences so each trip will generate a unique emotion for each traveler. We´ve designed these blogs as a guidance of places to visit, what to do in Colombia, the best LGBT places to visit, and the different type of experiences you can see in our beautiful country Colombia.

Colombia: The ideal destination for LGBT tourism

If you are an LGBT agency, or sell LGBT tours and are looking for the right place to send your clients,   Colombia is the ideal destination for them. It is one of the countries with truly liberal policies that consider gender equality. Proof of this is that same sex marriages is currently permitted by the

Lgbt Colomnbia Tour

Dance, Sing and Party during Carnival Season

Barranquilla hosts the largest carnival in February and Pasto holds the Carnaval de Blanco y Negro which consists of everyone wearing black and white clothes which is the custom otherwise you are guaranteed to get covered in paint, foam or even flour. LGBT travel plans should consist of at least visiting one carnival when in Colombia.