In Chic Tours our main goal is to offer unique tailor-made experiences so each trip will generate a unique emotion for each traveler. We work with unique local communities to offer authentic experiences, where travelers will be able to have a direct interaction with members of the community. We´ve designed these blogs as a guidance of places to visit, what to do in Colombia, the best places to do volunteer travel and the different type of experiences you can see in our beautiful country Colombia.

17 Reasons to Visit Colombia

Written by Caitlin Morton October 03, 2017 on Colombia’s diverse and breathtaking landscape deserves recognition: Andean peaks, tropical beaches, dense rain forests sitting 3,000 feet above sea level. Besides the allure of nature, the country’s major cities are experiencing a renaissance in food, art, and technology—and it’s one of the most affordable places for

Colombia; a luxury and memorable experience

A chic seaside resort with cobbled streets lined with balconies provide a memorable experience when wondering through the city. The old town of Cartagena generate a Spanish colonial atmosphere and the stunning beaches will make you rejoice when you need somewhere to cool down. While you could walk around the old town, the alternative is